Please help me interpret this dream. What does this mean?!?!?!?


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There's someone that I have been thinking about non-stop 24/7 for a year now. I truly do think I love him. [Let's call him K]. I had a dream recently where we were at this beautiful place and we were at some sort of ceremony and I said something and someone was asking K, did you just say that? But K laughed and said no it wasn't me it was her (meaning me). I then laughed with K saying yeah, I was just repeating what someone else said. This conversation was happening whilst we were leaving. And then, he interlocked his arm with mine randomly and outside was this beautiful field and there were like many places to stay. I think it was like a holiday resort type of estate. Anyways, after he interlocked his arm with mine, we were just walking around and asking questions like “What are you doing here?” “How are you?” And some personal questions. And then, we arrive at the place he is staying at. We go upstairs to his room, and he has this balcony type of thing and the view was beautiful. I asked him, what is his dream and what he wants for the future, he answers. Then he turns me around and puts his arms around me. He asks me the same question, I tell him my dreams, my future whilst he has his arms around me and we're both just looking at the beautiful view from his balcony thing. Whilst in this position, I felt a type of comfort and ease I've never ever felt before. The feeling was surreal. Having his arms around me made me feel so at peace. I had my eyes closed whilst I told him my dreams and future and then my dream just ended. Also, throughout our walk to his place our conversation was amazing, we were having a laugh, we were enjoying each other's company and yeah. I have no idea what this dream means😭 could someone help please. That comfort and peace I felt in his arms, I've never ever felt before. It was genuinely pure peace and a surreal feeling I honestly don't know how to describe it. Anyway, I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me what this means. Thank you :)


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The overwhelming feeling of comfort and peace in his arms may reflect a subconscious yearning for emotional security and a profound connection with him.