Poem in the form of a cross


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I dreamt of an artist by the name of 'Jay Jay Venesser' who was writing the most eclectic and beautiful poetry regarding God and his poetry was so moving in this dream I was deeply moved and inspired by his works. One of the poems was shaped to be that of a cross, the crucifix. This dream was intensely vivid and I felt a deep sense of personal connection to Jay Jay Venesser - almost like we were one.

Any thoughts on meaning?
Your dream hints at an upcoming personal transformation. 'Jay Jay Venesser', the artist, is a reflection of your undiscovered talents and spiritual strength. His divine poetry symbolizes your deeper connection with the world around you. The crucifix-shaped poem signifies that this connection will come to intersect your creative pursuits, leading to a fruitful blend of spirituality and creativity. This profound bond you felt with Venesser suggests a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment ahead. Prepare for a time of intense inspiration, spiritual growth, and creative flourishing - a glorious period of self-realization and fulfillment.