Pregnancy dream


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I've recently found out I'm pregnant. Since then I have had two nights in a row where I have dreamt of telling a friend about being pregnant. This friend is a man and may or may not be in a relationship with another woman. (in real life) in the dream it portrays that he does. I can't remember what happened the first time but last time I dreamed of telling him, he was happy and wanted to shout about it but I had to hush him cos it's too early to be telling too many people. As a bit of back story, years ago at college, I did have a crush on him but his feelings were not reciprocated and in the end, several years later we became a little closer as friends and rekindled the friendship. Despite being happily married, and knowing nothing can happen between us, I still get a pang of the feelings I had years ago when I'm around him but would never act upon it. I've been on the receiving end of cheating so understand how it feels. Anyway with backstory and real life events in mind, what could this dream be trying to tell me?