President dies

In a dream from last night, I am in a public waiting area when I see a headline PRESIDENT, 86, DEAD. I wonder, “How did I miss that?” and rush to find a TV set where I can see the news story. My first thought is that President Biden has died in a plane crash. For a moment I see an image of John Kerry and think, “What, he’s the vice president who takes over?”

I am then among a crowd of people on the deck of a ship, possibly an aircraft carrier. We are all looking upward as it is announced on a loudspeaker that the President is flying by, which I think might be part of an air show. However, everyone looking up can see there is something wrong with the contrails in the sky. End of dream.
The President may represent your executive function, or ego. The ego is being transformed in this dream. John Kerry might be a positive figure for you as a pattern for re-fashioning the ego. We can look at the number 86 as 8 plus 6 is 14, and 1 plus 4 is 5. Five represents curiosity, engagement and change as well as transformation.
The ego may have gone through periods of being inflated (air show) but now is transforming because that is wrong for your ego. You may want to look at, "Beginner's Mind."
Thank you for your insights. I think 86 may be the one literal part of the dream, as I often estimate that I will die between the ages of 83 and 86.