Primitive scene set in modern tech

Settlement somewhere deep north seems ancient and spiritual but takes place in a trailer like setting. We are speaking another language.

Its like a single wide trailer so maybe post madmax scenario. No electricity. Reminds me of cavemen times. Very settled lots and lots of fur and blankets. Glass windows, well lived in, feels like I belong there.

The king or man that runs the settlement has kept me there because I am new but he isn't present and this house is brand new to me. Its deep in the dark of night and I was given a bed in half of the house with a closed door. No lights Theres two women, one is a new guest like me and the other one left once showing me the room.

I get up out of the blanket and fur bed and look around, leave the room. Theres a short hall out to the back door with wooden steps outide of it, cloudy glass window in it, reminds me of a trailer house door or RV door. The room next to mine is on the right handside, I don't know whats on the left side.

The door on the room next door has a window in it sort of cloudy glass like the back door. I look inside and see the new guest they are keeping there like me, a young woman, and she speaks a strange language that I somehow understand but the people of this settlement do not. She's frightened and knows the place well, telling me to watch for the enemies that they are powerful and are right outside the house. She has a deep spiritual hold on me and speaks through me giving me physical sensations, I don't want to leave her there but she is also frightened with me so I leave back to my room and lay there. I fall asleep.

I wake up and notice a flap above me or atop my head that I didn' notice before when I searched the room but looking at a down angle out of the house, its sort of counter intuitive and illogical but somehow I missed it earlier. When I open it with my arm and sit up half way I look out of the house but there's no view of the surroundings and it looks too difficult to climb through for a person but it alarms me anyway and I close the opening and lay there. I consider it is to let fresh air inside as it seems like a fire heats the place.

I hear the young woman in the next room talking to me. And we talk and she tells me things about the place and surrounding area and what I should look for. She falls asleep and I keep laying there paranoid, periodically looking out this air flap thing and everything feels like caveman ultra ancient profound. Strange feeling.

Then my room was invaded with some sort of evil spirit trying to kill me. It peers above me and I look back into it and its so cold and deep like an icy cavern and has a skull like impression although isn't fully defined, hidden within icy smoke. I see this thing with my minds eye not my real eyes as it seems to have entered through an alternate dimension. There isn't a real skull there but I see one with my minds eye, it is a spirit of death or death himself or an evil alien from a separate dimension. It freezes my soul and I start gasping and choking but I fight through and break the stare between us, looking away. Then I find some courage and decide to fight the icy death spirit and look back into it once again. My arms are numb and paralyzed but I give all my strength to move them in my attempt to kill this evil spirit and fight with all the power I could find and it really goes deep I start gasping and choking and it feels like my heart is turning to ice and then I wake up.

I am not sure but I think that I was really gasping and choking in my sleep. Upon waking I wondered what this strange setting was and thought "eskimo" for some reason but it wasnt snowing and these werent igloos and nobody looked like eskimos, but the impression was there. I don't remember dreaming anything like this before as this entire scenario is new to me and the death seemed so deep and profound I woke up feeling very bewildered.

Note that I already edited this and saved it but somehow the changes disappeared so I was forced to re-edit this again, hopefully not losing anything. I am very tired and found difficulty holding onto the memory.
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