Prophetic: I met him after he appeared in a dream


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Hello. I had a very vivid dream I could not understand at all, until I met someone and I still can't believe this.

I approached a dream analyst to start psychoanalysis together and had this big vivid dream just after we first spoke, but before my first session.

It was in three parts but the final part was the most colourful and vivid and magical.

There was a large grey fuzzy mass with a gold crown on it. A dazzling sparkling man came in dancing holding a magic wand and a small pouch. He looked like a character from a deck of playing cards but was dazzling as well as flamboyantly coloured. In my dream he was the writer of Blackadder. He confidently and exhuberantly did some dancing towards the grey king creature, took of the large crown and tapped it with his magic wand, as gold pieces fell into his pouch which he then leapt and danced away with.

I thought it was all entirely symbolic esp as the dancing magician seemed like an archetype, not at all like a real person.

At this time I was happily married for 11 years and content in that marriage. However, during my psychoanalysis I realised my marriage was harmful and unhealthy and I abruptly but decidedly left my husband which shocked everyone.

A few months passed. I had a few flings to enjoy being single and did not want a relationship, but one man I ended up in bed with started chatting to me about Blackadder while we were lying together just chatting. This was our first night together and I didn't know him. But I got all over goosebumps and went quiet and just listened. He was talking about the blackadder episode where they burn the dictionary.

The dancing man in my dream was the writer of Blackadder ...

As I got to know this man he revealed his flamboyant side more and more, he is quite effeminate when relaxed and is a lot of fun, v kinky and an exhibitionist.

One date early on he showed me unexpectedly an Irish dancing move which again gave me total shivers - as it was just like how the dazzling man had been dancing in my mysterious dream. I couldn't believe it. He teaches me tango and has been learning Irish dancing for years, performing internationally.

He told me his friends say that his wild laugh is just like the joker from batman and then showed me a pic of himself dressed as the joker at Halloween ... I gave him a mini deck of playing cards to shuffle soon after that and 'the joker' card fell out of the pack. He was surprised and disconcerted thinking it was spooky but I was just quiet, reflecting with total amazement.

The character on that card is just like the colourful man with a wand in my dream.

Blackadder, the dancing joker. His sparkling personality. It honestly is him.

Sometimes when he is giggly and relaxed and moves in a certain eccentric way I am reminded so starkly of the sparkling man in that dream - I just never thought that character represented an actual person who would come into my life! I thought it was an archetype, like the magician from the tarot or something.

Our hookups have been just that and he likes being single and free. We have a lot of great sex so I wonder if that is what the wand symbolises - his magic wand :)

I still don't understand the crown and the gold, but when I had this dream I was in a long term marriage and was about to start psychoanalysis. During the analysis I left my husband and met this man. The therapy is now over.

Other flings I had fizzled out or weren't a good match, but this guy has been seeing me regularly for 18 months + and I really like him. He came to see me in hospital when I had no support and has been there for me, we text every day...

I haven't told this man that I had a vivid dream about him before we met. I still don't know what it means.

He moved to this country a year before I moved here and we lived in the same city for 18 years with mutual acquaintances but never met until I left my husband and started having flings.

I can't help wonder how significant he may be. The dream is what makes me wonder. He was dazzling as though covered in little rainbow lights as he did his Irish dancing with his wand. It makes me wonder whether he is part of my destiny or something, for him to appear like that in a dream so vivid, and then I leave my husband and stumble across him.

I moved to a new town when I left my husband and this man also moved and lives very close to me. I can't help wonder if we were destined to meet. If that is so then why? What does the crown and the gold and the grey fuzzy mass represent?

I guess time will tell.

My analyst back then was careful to not explain or interpret the dreams, he just went quiet when I explained it and asked a few clarifying questions. I thought it could be to do with my animus and my sovereignty.

Never thought it was a premonition of an actual man I would end up sleeping with. !

This is the only time I have experienced something happening in my life which was prophesied in a dream.

Thank you for reading and any thoughts you might have X
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