Purple Starry Night Sky with Two Huge Moons


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It was a dream where I traveled very far to be with my family, but they weren’t my actual family members, they looked like strangers but in my dream I perceived them as family and friends. There was a tall man in his mid 20’s to early 30’s with built features who I perceived as a friend, brother, mentor, and lover. There was a girl who was mentally delayed who I perceived as a friend and sister. There was a thin woman with wild curly red hair who I perceived as my mother and aunt. I believe there was another girl who was her daughter but I didn’t form a deep attachment to her. My strongest bond was with the man. I felt safe, happy, and full of love with him. The mentally delayed girl had a map that she used to navigate her daily travels, as she took public transportation. I admired her efforts. I had traveled very far to see these people and ultimately I decided to stay. There was a scene where I was outside at night looking out at the ocean, and above, the sky was a stunning mix of purple clouds mixed with bright stars. There were also two huge moons side by side, one a little smaller than the other, both a lavender color. When I took my phone out to take a picture, it could only focus on a tiny portion of the sky in the shape of a circle and the rest of the sky swirled around that circle, morphing the clouds and stars into the swirl. I tried to focus on the entire scene, but my phone wouldn’t change so I gave up. When I looked out at the ocean, the horizon was a light magenta color so I could still see the calm ripples in the water reflecting light. I had a craving to swim, but I knew once I was in the water it would become too dark to see ahead. The whole time I was outside, I still felt that strong sense of love for my “family”, especially that man.