Raffle Ticket (105) ..

Dream From July 17 '19:
it is daytime.
am sitting on my weights bench in the garage.
i am looking out, to my right.
in my hand/s is a raffle ticket.
looking to my right, a tallish bald man, steps onto the driveway.
he calls my ticket, which is red 105.
its a circle, and with red dots in it (like that of the dimple things on my foam roller).
i stand up, and then step out to him.
i ask him is is a red circle with red dots (in the circle).
yes it is.
strangely, he tells me its his last day (supposedly for selling raffle tickets)
then he hands me the other half of my ticket (from the book), with 2 or 3 other tickets under it (one is yellow and the other i don't know).
i think he does that, so i have it for my own collection.
and then he leaves.
as i step back to the garage, i look inside the driveway window of the room 3 bedroom, or that of my room.
not much to see.
maybe i can finally move out.
so, i've won something, but prize is not known, as no prize was given to me.

any questions .. comments or queries ???


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Perhaps it's making you aware of what you've got that you're not seeing, something in your life that you do not recognise as a prize but actually is. Perhaps it's an opportunity, judging from the bloke's "last day" on the job, and that opportunity may be fleeting - maybe you've taken the opportunity and don't realise it. The corresponding piece from the book could be reminiscent of the "pieces falling/coming together", or puzzling it out. There were others in it, but these two were needed to fit. Alternatively, it could also be a warning, as in "your number is up" (could be both positive and negative) and the bloke's last day on the job. The remaining tickets could be either opportunities to come, opportunities you haven't taken, or opportunities associated with the prize you didn't take. Another take on this may be that you feel cheated out of what is rightfully yours, that what you're getting isn't enough/anything, despite everything coming together.
opportunities ?
yes well, I've been waiting for that to happen, long before this dream.
and not that I haven't been chasing after anything either.
something that should be happening, in life, isn't.