Random faces when i try sleep


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Hello all,

I am new here, i try to find answers to why i see random faces of people when i try to sleep. I try empty my mind and then faces of people i dont know show up, very briefly and change to another face fast. Young, old, men, women. Never someone i recognize. Some look like in the past, some look recent. Some look happy, other serious. Some just look at me, other move their lips but i dont hear words. Very few turn into scary things... I cant deal with it, I drink a lot because if i fall asleep fast i dont see them.

Why do i see this people? I just want to sleep.
Your pineal gland has rods and cones in it and is connected to your visual cortex. Astronauts are known to see space radiations while their eyes are closed. Your brain could be receiving images much like an antenna, which is probably rare, but not physically impossible.