rant about wanting fast-food

I had 3 dreams last night. But the last one what I think was important.

My family,- (Mom, Dad and my older sister and myself) were sitting at our dinning room table just finishing supper I think I first start complaing about "I don't see why I can't have Rice Krispes in the house as an option even if I don't eat it all the time". Then it went into a different "junk food" direction. I was complaining that its been awhile since I had fast-food with soda. I even made a reference in-dream to the fact, that when Mom Dad and I had Harvey's (A hamburger and hot dog joint) for supper on a Saturday in January-I didn't get to have soda and instead had to go with my boring-every-day-of-every-month-supper-drinks instead. (After my parents in-dream pointed out about the said supper) I also said in-dream "Yes I did get to have soda the day before with my snack but there's something tastier about the sweet, sticky taste of soda from a soda fountain instead" I think somewhere in my rant about Harvey's supper-I said something about "That's why I prefer getting fast-food for lunch which means I can have soda"