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Hi all, so I'm new to this group, so to cut to the chase, i keep having the same dream about the same person. So some years ago while we were in school and college I was into this girl and she was me but life got on the way and we grew apart from seeing and being with each other every day and even on the phone. Fast forward she's now married with children and we don't see or even hear from each other just the occasional like on Facebook. But I keep having the same dream of her about once a month were we are together but she's walking away from me when I wake I feel sad and then last night I had the same dream but it was different she's was holding me with her arms around me smiling saying give it until February just wait for me and we will be together in February. Now I've no idea what this means as I've not spleen or seen her for years but I do think about her a lot she's the one that got away and my friends always say she was the love of my life. So anyway any information I would deeply appreciate that. I hope to read your replies soon

Does February mean anything to you?

From the Dream Moods dictionary:

To dream of the month of February signifies sadness, gloom and ill health.
The dream may also symbolize love or you need for love.

And, it is the second month on the calendar.