Realistic dark dream


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Hi, some years back I had a dream so real and so vivid and realistic that I still remember it like it really happened. You know how when you dream, you wake up and over the course of the day that dream leaves your mind and eventually you forget about it completely? Well I had a dream in 2018 or 2019 that was so real to me and vivid that to this very day I remember it like it was an event that truly happened in my life. I've never experienced anything like this with any other dreams in the 41 years I've but on this earth.

So in the dream my ex girlfriend and her two children as well as my son were driving to my home town to have breakfast at our favorite cafe. The cafe if very popular so every Sunday parking is hard to find, so I pull up to let her and the kids out to go inside and get a table. I proceed to the stop sign near the restaurant and as I'm coming to a stop, my focus is on a strange figure of a girl walking across the far side of the road on the sidewalks from my left to the right. Something feels odd about this figure as I notice she's wearing some sort of black overcoat or robe of some kind.

I turn right at the stop sign and as the woman is walking I follow her in the corner of my eye as I make my turn because something just doesn't feel right about the figure and as I turn and follow her with the corner of my eye I move to the mirrors after I no longer can see her directly through eye contact. As I watch I notice halfway across the road she leaves the cross walk and starts moving directly towards me as I'm pulling into a parking spot just around the corner from the restaurant. I watch her in my rear view until she is only visible in the driver side door mirror.

i watch her walk directly to my back driver side door of my truck and she stops and stand there. I turn my head and look over my left shoulder to the place she was standing and no one was there. I look back into the door mirror and she is no longer there either. My truck was locked and the girl just disappeared. I then turn and look over my right shoulder and I see the face of the woman sitting right in my back seat. She's in the middle and I can see she has dark hair, pale face and jet black eyes. It scares the **** out of me, but for a moment I just stare. I expect that it's going to speak but it doesn't. It just stares at me with it's black eyes. So then I speak, I say "what are you?" It says nothing, only continues staring. I then say "what do you want?" Again it doesn't reply, only stares. I get upset and I raise my voice and I tell it to get the f out of my truck, and then I turn and take my seat belt off and try to open the door, but the door will not open. I frantically pull the handle because when the door is locked you pull the handle twice and it unlocks.

i had to pull it many times before it finally opens and I'm expecting to be grabbed but I wasn't. I got out of the truck as fast as I could and hurried into the restaurant desperate to find my people and tell them what I had just experienced, but my party was nowhere in sight. I walked around and they were nowhere in the place. Then I finally see them and I am angry that I couldn't find them and I tell them about the entire experience. Then I wake up. This dream was the most realistic and vibrant dream I've ever had, and the memory of it is like something that really happened and not a dream.

I've thought about this dream pretty frequently throughout the years and I've been amazed that the events of this dream have not left my memory. I believe that it could have been something in the house, because a couple months later I fell asleep on my back, which I never do that by the way, I've always slept on my stomach since I was a small child, but this particular night I fell asleep on my back and I woke up and opened my eyes and saw something above me that looked like it could have possibly been the same face that I saw in the dream.

i can't be completely sure about that, because my dream was much more clearer that what I saw in the dark when I woke up on my back, but I believe that it was the same thing. I decided to write about this experience and see what other people might have to say about this. Thanks for reading this.