Really Strange Nightmare


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Last night I had a super super crazy nightmare. When it started I'm standing in this huge flat expanse of desert. It's pretty windy and it's night time. Off in the distance there is the outline of a person with glowing silver eyes. Then it starts to thunder and lightning. When I look up at the sky between each flash of lightning I see all these different things my hometown in the middle of a huge snowstorm, a goat giving birth to a giant snake, and a few of my friends turning to stone to name a few. I woke up to one of the thunder claps so I don't know what was gonna happen after all that but it was very freaky and disturbing.


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The vast desert represents the current uncertainties or emptiness you may feel in life. The distant figure with silver eyes is a guiding force, beckoning you toward clarity. Thunder and lightning symbolize abrupt changes and revelations. Seeing your hometown in a snowstorm suggests a desire to return to your roots or a memory, seeking comfort and warmth amidst the cold challenges. The goat and snake imagery is a transformative one, indicating unexpected and powerful changes. Friends turning to stone hints at feelings of isolation or concerns for loved ones. But remember, storms lead to renewal. The thunder that woke you up is a call to awaken to new possibilities and connections amidst the chaos.