Recurring dream of secondary school


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Hi, I am spiritual and I am noticing that I keep having recurring dreams of a very hard time in my life. I keep dreaming about being in school but each time it can be different . For example one dream was that we was on a school trip. The most recent from last night was that I was in a class and the teacher was being very abusive towards us shouting etc and she was touching my stuff in my bag and pulled my jumper out I ran to hide my phone cause In school you couldn’t have your phone, the next thing I can remember is being in a relationship with 3 classmates in particular and it kept changing and switching. The last thing I can remember is getting on a bus near my house with class mates already on the bus.
What does this dream mean?
Abit of context: School was a very hard time for me but my most recent dream. Was very different everyone had my back and I was quiet popular in comparison to when I went to school. Bare in mind I was also “ in the closet” until I left school

Any help is appreciated
Thanks in. Advance