Recurring dream progressed each time


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Have a recurring nightmare of being trapped inside, what seems to be a hotel with 1 way in and 1 way out. When I first started having this dream, I didn’t understand any of it and all I seen was ghouls throughout my night there. For each time I had this dream I could see more clearly and began to realize what was goin on. The most recent time I had this dream, there was someone else involved. And ex from my childhood. She said she did not want to be stuck there because she used to work there and someone come to the room and called for her and she left. But all throughout the night there though it was pitch black in the room I could sense breathing and objects coming near me. I would get random glimpses of what I grew to realize was men in mask. Evil mask. Pretty scary. But, this time, as I felt what I discovered was some type of instrument that seemed to be studying me, brushed my face, I was able to come to and jump on the man controlling it and as he ran from the room, I was able to subdue him. Another huge man come running up the stairs and managed to use his weight to throw him over the edge but more were coming. I looked back into the room and lights were on. It was like some sort of medical facility and there was a man near a railing that resembled a balcony. I charged him and we both went over. Then I woke up.
Think about eveything you know about this girl from your childhood , who had worked there and really not wanted to be there another second. what she is now in your mind is a key to the dream. Seems like you have worked hard on this one for a long time and it is good developement of conscious presence here. Find know the area in your life that this is about, use the symbols to locate , masks, maschines. operators, darkness, man on balcony etc good luck