Recurring dream


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Hello all I just came on here for some help because I’m freaking out. Long story short, when I was younger I would have a reoccurring dream of being r@ped by just a large black shadow man. It then ended up becoming true 9 years ago after having a year of the reoccurring dreams and then the dreams stopped after it happened. The man is locked away for 15 years now and everything’s been fine until about a month ago. He has been in my dreams again. I wrote down what happened in last nights dream so have a read if you want and please let me know what you think:

My dream

I was in a house, not a house that I recognise. However the window to my bedroom was the same as my old bedroom at my mums. There was a strange man who was there to guard me and was arranging some men from a group to come see me. I can’t remember why in my dream but I know that they used to be in a group with the man who r@ped me (joey).

I was told that they were here and there was a car outside that I could see from my window. I went downstairs and a lady was outside with my guard who was my mum but didn’t look like her. As I went out and stood in the front garden next to the guard, the car door slid open. It revealed the group and also Joey, who was sat in the middle, they were all wearing half masks that were just covering their eyes. I started to panic as joey stared at me smiling. My guard turned to me and said “awe, you look so cute when you’re scared”. I then ran inside and watched from my window. My mum in the dream was shouting at them to leave and after a while they just left.
I then just stayed in my room and was shocked.

Joey snuck into the house and into my room. I guess that this happened days later because I was calm.
He then grabbed me and I tried to get away at first. He then started to r@pe me and I didn’t fight back, I instead just cried and he left once he had finished.

A policeman then came into my room moments after he left and I told him what happened and he asked for the used condom as evidence.

I can’t remember what happened after that
Sorry it’s a long read


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Four possible options that I see here personally:
1. A coincidence, if one believes in chance.

2. A throwback to your premonition, for whatever reason.

3. God forbid a second premonition, either unrelated, related, or conjured up because of someone you've encountered (or may encounter)

4. The perpetrator forcing his energy on you in some way.

Just thoughts, nothing definitive. Perhaps you're better served by people more knowledgeable in the area (shamans, priests, whoever is actually competent); this exceeds regular dream interpretation by leaps and bounds. Stay safe.