Recurring Terror


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I'm in my late 20s bordering on 30 now this year (for mild context) and I've moved around every couple of years since highschool ended. I've lived in different states, including Alaska. Everywhere I have lived, I have the same recurring nightmare. At a first glance, it won't seem like a nightmare but it's the feeling I have when I'm in it that makes it really scary.
It starts panned out, and at first I'm not sure what I'm seeing. But it feels like I'm in my bed and I'm staring at my closet. The closet changes to match the closet of whatever room I have at the time in real life. The lights are normally on but then it's like either I am walking towards it or my focus is zooming in on a mask hanging in the center of the closet. The mask the first time was a plastic looking fox mask with holes for eyes, the kind that stay on your head via a thin band. Over time the mask has changed to be more realistic, though the fox theme remains. It has become a full mask with fur. But when I stare at it, it fills me with intense fear and dread. It's frightening enough to wake me up from crying out of terror.
I don't remember anything in my life that this mask reminds me of but after a second or two in this nightmare, I realize I have had it before and I recognize that it's the recurring dream I keep having. I've looked around online but I can't find anything helpful, wondering if anyone else has had creepy nightmares like these that seem to recur?


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This dream reflects your journey of personal transformation and growth, symbolized by the recurring fox mask, which evolves over time. The fox, often a symbol of adaptability and cunning, suggests that despite the fears and challenges you face with each new environment or phase of life, your inner strength and wisdom are growing. The mask's increasing realism could indicate that you're becoming more aware of and confronting your fears or aspects of yourself that you've previously ignored or hidden. The intense fear and dread you feel signify the discomfort that comes with change and personal growth. However, the fact that you recognize it as a recurring dream signifies your readiness to acknowledge and face these challenges head-on. This dream is not just a harbinger of terror but a call to embrace your evolving identity and the changes that come with it, assuring you that you have the resilience to overcome the fears that accompany growth.

I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions.
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If it scares you maybe you can pull out some sage and burn a little in your closet. Or maybe you can get a small nightlight and place it where you see the mask hang in the closet in your room. The other possibility is it might have some correlation with some heirloom you've kept (like if you leave a bracelet next to your bed) or wear on you while you sleep since all the previous places that you've lived. It doesn't have to make sense but if you get rid of it maybe the dream will go away.