reoccuring nightmares and sleep paralysis


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i recently moved back in with my mom (last time i lived here was a year and a half ago) and ever since then i’ve been having similar reoccuring nightmares and bouts of sleep paralysis, only when i sleep in this bed. before i moved back, i rarely ever remembered nightmares and maybe experienced sleep paralysis twice when laying on my back. now, it happens every week at the very least no matter what position i’m in. i also wake up in the middle of the night every single night.
the nightmares are always very similar and follow the same themes, but they’re always different dreams. it’s either dreams about seeing shadow people or dreams about dolls/similar objects moving their eyes/head to look at me. sometimes both in one dream. it’s never anything else, it’s always those two things. and almost every time i wake up from these nightmares, i have sleep paralysis. i don’t ever hallucinate, i just can’t move and a feeling of terror comes over me. it usually doesn’t last longer than a minute.
i’ve never had these dreams or this many sleep paralysis experiences this often before. i’ve been here about a month and it seems to happen every week, sometimes multiple times a week. there might not be any reason for this at all, but could there be any kind of interpretation or meaning as to why this is happening?


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Your mom's house is haunted...

Jokes aside, maybe it's because moving back in with your mom gives you a (subconscious) sense of losing your independence in life, the feeling that your mom is controlling you (I know I would have that feeling if I had to move back in with my mum). Hence the dolls following you with their eyes and the shadow people watching you from the shadows.


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When you get in this state try to imagine your bed rocking back and forth till it tips you out of bed. As for the dolls you could imagine they are all your friends and are actually cheering you on to find the strength to out of bed so you can have a lucid dream.