Reoccurring nightmares as a youth that you still remember ...


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Does anyone remember what scared them as a kid?

Here is one of mine:

First off; I was afraid of the basement (probably because my Dad's house had a gravity furnace which looked like a monster).

I would dream that I was somehow trapped in the basement and for some reason the hot water heater was after me. As I tried to get up the steps, this massive vacuum would start up and I just couldn't get up the steps, it was too strong no matter how hard I struggled hanging on to the railing for dear life. 😡 I probably had this dream 7 or 8 times until one time I stood up to the hot water heater and punched it out as it crumbled into a broken Oreo cookie ... sorry for the lack luster finish but that's the way it ended.

I won't tell you about the dream where I found my Grandma chopped up into neat little squares in a paper shopping bag. It doesn't qualify because I only had that dream once.

Ok whaddaya got?


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I'm working on a dream interpretation.
Need to ask you a question.
Are you a guy or a girl?