Rescue Mission?


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This dream started with riding down an elevator alone with a supposed mission of rescuing someone. At the time, I wasn't sure who, but I knew that the only way I was going back up to the top floor was with this person. The doors finally open on the bottom floor. In walks a tall and handsome young man with dirty blonde hair. The man appeared to be at least 30 years old and was dressed in a dark green sweater and a long khaki trench coat. He walked into the elevator and stood on my left. As the elevator doors begin to close, someone on the outside catches it, so the elevator lets them in. This happened quite a few times to the point where I was worried about how many people were with us when we got to the top. On a traditional elevator, there are two buttons you can press to control the elevator doors: one to keep the doors open and one to close them. However, this elevator didn't have these buttons. I looked for the button on the control panel, but the only one available was one with two vertical lines and no arrows. I pressed the strange button and thought this would do the trick. To my surprise, another person stopped the doors from closing. She was a young girl in her mid-twenties with long, dark brown hair and pale skin. Her eyes were sunken and dark as if she hadn't slept in the past few days. She looks up at me with her dark eyes filled with no emotion. I feel immediate sympathy for her, so I let her on. I turned to the young man I had rescued and expressed I was worried about how many people we were letting on to the elevator. He explains, "It'll be okay. Once we get to the top, normal people won't be able to see them," and hugs me while we ride to the top floor. As we rode the elevator to the top floor, his embrace immediately comforted me and relieved my anxiety. I'm unsure of the purpose of rescuing the man or the significance of the interaction with the young woman.
The journey in the elevator symbolizes your upward trajectory in life, with each stop bringing a challenge or lesson to be learned. The handsome man signifies strength and support, ready to accompany you. His assurance about others being invisible when you reach the top indicates that your worries might not be as significant as they seem now and they will fade in importance as you progress. The lack of control buttons suggests that life doesn't always provide easy ways to close or open chapters, but pressing forward (the vertical lines) is the way to go. The young woman represents the vulnerabilities and struggles of others that you empathize with. Your rescue mission signifies an inner desire to be a beacon of help and support to those around you. Embrace these compassionate feelings and trust in your journey; your path is leading to a place of higher understanding and peace.