Same Place


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There is a place in my dream, that i have never seen in real life but i see often in my dreams. The first time I dreamt about this place was when i was very little, its been years that i still go to the same place in my dream. I say a place because its not only a house, or buildings, or streets, its them all and its always the same. I don’t do anything in the dream out of the ordinary , only over the years that i have dreamt of that place i have walked in the neighbourhood, went to the shop, to the supermarket, everywhere little by little over time, i also have stayed in a apartment that i know it is mine and its not similar at all with the one that i live in. I just have discovered the place more and more by time and nothing changes, the streets, the way to get to the building of my apartment, the shops, the balconies, the curtains in my house, how far its from the bakery to the shop … and I always remember everything when i wake up, which for me its a bit weird because sometimes I forget my dreams right after i wake up, but never when i go there. That place that i dream of its was nothing of the country im from, that i live, neither of the countries that now i have visited, like the walls,or the lights on the street, or the buildings. I have googled places do see if it’s actually a real place in the world, a lot of similarities with some countries on architecture but not exactly the same as in my dream. Basically, in this place i have a life, i live there, but not a lot happens, and every time i go there now after years it feels like Im not sleeping, like a second home which i know its in a dream and I choose what i want to do, or which way to go. Like deep sleeping but still so wide awake and aware . I haven’t given an explanation to this dream yet, if you can give me your interpretation please be free to do so :)
I've heard of this place before, and I don't remember much, it was a in a reddit post a while back, and all I can tell you is if you want them to stop, you have to get the townspeople to either kill you or banish you. Also, there are very much other people that are from irl in this town, and I don't really have an explanation for that part. all I know is that it's kind of like an alternate dream reality, and if you do get out, you'll just have normal dreams. it dosen't hurt you or anything either, so if you want to, try to see if you could meet any of the people irl or something.