Saw a close friend in a house and she turned me away


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In my dream, I'm in a strange place. I'm traveling. I see a small house, and somehow I recognize that my friend lives there. She is someone that I know in my waking life. I've never actually met her in person, but we've been very close (online) friends for years. I'm male, her female, both straight/cis.

I decide to go see her. So I approach the house. It's a small house, with a few rooms, and a commons area in the middle, which is visible from outside windows. The house is a cube, if that matters. When I approach the (open) front door - whose placement is biased to the right - I see another door, immediately adjacent to the front door. As I approach, I see it open slightly. I back away, somewhat startled. It closes almost immediately after this. So I knock on the same door. She comes out, in a plush bath robe. She recognizes me. She asks, "what are you doing here?" I don't answer, I just hug her. She says, "please don't". I ask her, "what's wrong? What have I done?" As she is about to start speaking, the dream ends.


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Also... this is the first dream that I remember, where I could feel emotions. Strongly enough that they left some after effects when I woke up. It was a dread feeling. Terrible sadness. It affected me, for reasons that I cannot explain.


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Cool - which Virgo traits would you highlight in particular?
Also, does the plush bath robe have any association for you?
It's interesting that you hug her, yet she pushes you away with her words. This could well symbolise the feelings you experienced from your mother when you were very young. Pushed away, not accepted...?... Which would of course lead to terrible sadness, as you mentioned.
Feelings are very important in dreams, and they are a big clue in your dream.
Hello Mhan7.
So, you have never actually met your woman friend face to face, but are close friends online.
Is your "relationship" with her, the online version of "pen pals"?
Do you reckon she would want you to visit her?