Saying Jesus in my dream


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I was about to be appointed king of a renaissance kingdom but before I was appointed the people of the kingdom and I needed a day of gladiator games. At the end of the games the last gladiator standing was suppose to be proclaimed the new god for the kingdom that I as king would rule over. I had made up my mind well before the end of the fights that my first act as king would be to proclaim Jesus as our God no matter who won in the games. When the fighting was over one gladiator who was tan like sand with red strips across his armor was victorious. He helped his sword above his head ready to be called the new God of the people. The people cheered and I rose from my seat in my podium to address the people. It was then that I addressed the people and told them that Jesus would be our God not this gladiator. At that moment all the people had no faces and one man standing to my left scoured at me. Then I felt as though I was cast out of that dream and thrown into the catacombs of a damp dark mossy cave with only a lantern to guide me. Then I woke up. What does this dream mean?