Scary dream. What does this mean?


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Me, my two daughters (1 month old and 3 years old), my sister, my dog (who passed in October) and my cat were at my moms home where we live and something in the house kept taking the kids underneath the furniture into like a black hole and I kept having to reach under the furniture to pull them out and whatever it was kept reaching out trying to drag me in every time I reached for them and I kept telling my sister and calling my mom and the neighbors but nobody believed me so I kept trying to leave with the kids and the animals but every time I’d get close to the door the other kid would disappear back into one of the holes under the furniture so finally my sister saw it happening so we each held one of the babies but it kept on dragging us back in so we set the house on fire and tried to run outside but my cat and dog disappeared back into the house. What does this mean? While I was dreaming, it felt so dark, demonic and scary. Whatever it was was trying to take my babies. I woke up sweating and my heart racing. What does this mean?