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I dreamt I was walking down the side of a human built (straight flowing deep) river and a mother duck was looking for its duckling, still walking a few metres along I thought I should look for it. I carried on walking and maybe 3 ducks swam past every now and again on the other side of the river, I looked and saw they were not young enough to be a duckling but were young ducks or birds, I didn't take much notice.

I then decided to look under the river where there were sewer metal semi circular gaps in the ground. Inside a few places I stuck my head through I saw car parks underneath. The second one along the river I looked through, I said to someone behind me this is a needle in a haystack because the duckling could be anywhere in these huge underground car parks (not seeing who I said that to). It could be walking around at the back of these big spaces. I noticed then that it was raining under these car parks and pointed out it was a bit wet under there. At which point my cat was next to me by the hole.
I then saw an owner with his dog in the car park and then the dog came towards us because he saw my cat. I pushed my cat away 3 times to encourage him to run away and telling him to go, as little worried the dog would attack but he would not move. The dog came right up close and then after a few seconds took a big bite out my cats side and I could see the wound as there was a leak (no blood) of the bite mark. I wasn't upset as I should be.

Cut to me coming down some wide industrial stairs still searching for this ducking. I see what looks like a tiny duckling on the platform to the next flight of stairs down. But I see the creature has many moving like tenticles along its underside as part of its body and I think it's very young (like a creature still needing to form) and realise it's a slug although it is hard to tell at first. I remember thinking ducklings and slugs look similar. I think about taking the duckling home before realising it's a slug and I don't want that (not disgusted just not interested). I don't find the duckling and wake up.

When I wake up I think it's unfortunate how we want to keep one species but not others. I don't remember thinking about ducklings lately, nor slugs, but the entrances under the river and my cat is recognisable. We were also discussing rivers yesterday. The moving tenticles on the slug looked like this picture which I just googled and luckily found the exact thing I dreamt.


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