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I had a dream just last night which I've never experienced before. In it I was preparing to go leave my house when a dark hooded figure appeared in the room. I could tell it was ominous but not evil and I didn't feel scared. I walked towards it, I could see its all black eyes, but it was me. I knew it was me. So it's like I was looking at a dark hooded, black eyed me!
It might sound mad but this woke me and my whole body was filled with energy, I wasn't scared, just buzzed.
I'd love to hear if anyone had any thoughts on what this might symbolise? Thanks.


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This dream symbolizes a profound encounter with your shadow self, a concept from Jungian psychology representing your personality's unknown or repressed aspects. Meeting this shadow is not a sign of looming danger but an invitation to self-discovery and growth. The absence of fear and the surge of energy upon waking suggest you are ready to embrace and integrate these hidden facets of yourself. This confrontation promises a journey of empowerment and self-acceptance, leading to a more holistic and vibrant existence. Your readiness to face the shadow indicates resilience and potential for personal transformation.
So when we are raised, the traits within us that caregivers do not like may be pushed down into the shadow. This includes anti-social tendencies, but may also include parts of our authentic selves like playfulness, creativity, living counter to narrow gender demands and so on. Thus the saying, "There's gold in the shadow." You might start by re-discovering things you liked to do as a young child. If you discover that you are envious of another, you might look at what they represent that you would like to own for yourself. Sometimes good friends sense what is in our shadow. Happy discovery!