Shooting Stars

My dream was that I was supposed to be at home working since I can not be at work because of Covid-19 but I went to Disneyland instead and did not care if my boss found out. I saw a person with rabbits on leashes but someone said that they were ducks. I corrected them and was annoyed that they could not tell the difference. Then there was a misty rain and I noticed that my hair on my head was damp. Then I saw dozens of shooting stars and was so elated! I woke up.


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The scene suggests a situation in which you appear to be shirking a responsibility, that of working for your pay, preferring instead to spend your time on some entertainment. When doing this you have no care or concern about how this will affect your boss. The boss is also a chief symbol of your ego. Thus also being implied here is that you are not showing any concern about how your failure to fulfill a responsibility will impact your ego, that is, your sense of Self, of who and what you are.

On a more psychological level, working at home would refer to using your mind for some serious thinking. Instead you choose to spend your time on fantasy thinking (Disneyland). Fantasy thinking brings no befits to you, just as a boss only pays for serious work.

When thinking upon grounds of reasoning that support fantasy thinking (at Disneyland) you are seeing the idea of having feelings related to lots of sex and procreation (rabbits) under control (on leashes).There is also the idea that what you have under control are ducks. Here the ducks can relate to the expression "get your ducks in a row" which implies having things organized and preparedness. Here the True Self would correct a misconception. Here the misconception seems to relate to the idea that when sexual urges are under control you are prepared. (for the Lord ?) {There may be more involved, such as fulfilling responsibilities?} Hair becoming damp indicates that your thinking is becoming "all wet" or wrong.

Shooting stars or falling stars refer to points of light, knowledge and intelligence in which there is a failing. As a shooting star is actually a meteor burning up while falling to earth, on a spiritual level, it can be understood to represent the idea of God throwing stones, condemnation, at the earth or "raining fire and brimstone" upon the unrighteous. When you feel elated by this idea, it may be the time to "wake up", that is, come to a greater state of awareness.