shopping with Dad

I don't remember the entire dream but I was shopping with my Dad in a grocery store and at some point in the store I found what are called Cereal fun packs (don't worry imagines will combine at the end of the dream) I had them once when I was young and camping with my older sister and my parents. I put it in the shopping cart as well as another version of the fun pack and then somewhere else we found these "bags" of Tetley's Cold Infusions (well one flavour Cuke&mint) which looked to be about the size of my wipes I use for bathroom business but floppier? I put it into the shopping cart and I guess I put up a lot of other stuff in the cart as well. For some reason, my dream self had to go into the parking lot and I think I was trying to get a frozen drink from a convince store (Slushee/Slurpee/Ice Puppy, Thirst Buster) but I end up in I guess in a fight in the parking lot. I don't recall if my dream self ever got itself the frozen drink or not. But what I do know is that when I came back into the store there was a different shopping cart full of what I think was the stuff I had put into Dad's shopping cart. I can't remember what is in the 2nd shopping cart but what I can recall was the 2nd "fun pack" of cereal and I think there was what looked like a box of Rice Krispies squares (the blue of the Rice Krispies is very revealing). The Tetley's tea wasn't in the 2nd shopping cart but I don't recall if there was any other kind of drinks-but I think it was mostly candy stuff. I don't think there was any "hot" stuff (ie: Pogos/corn dogs) but I might have been distracted by the blue-coloured stuff (and the one yellow and there might have been purple and red snacks in there as well) But the last thing I remember is that I was taking the stuff out because I was going to buy them myself because I was disappointed that Dad didn't buy them for me (my dream self like my real self is still living at home).