Shot to Save


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It was dark and I was driving down a small town road similar to my own, surrounded by woods. Since it was dark, I wasn't able to see that the actual road bent towards the right and the road that was ahead of me turned into a dirt one. Knowing I was in the wrong place, I kept going down the dirt road in search of a wide enough part for me to turn around in when my lights hit a small figure laying in the middle. It was a mother black cat that had just given birth to kittens in the middle of no where and unsafe. I stopped, got out of my jeep, and proceeded to grab the kittens and put them snug in the front passenger seat, the mother was last. Right as I was closing the passenger side door and rounding about to the other side I noticed a searing hot pain in my right palm. I looked down, and there was a bleeding hole in the middle of my right hand. I looked to my right, and saw an old man with a gun who had shot me. Without warning he shot again as I raced to get into my car and he grazed the left side of my torso. He yelled that I was trespassing and I yelled back I was lost and saving kittens and was leaving. The look on his face turned to that of understanding his mistake but the damage was done. I backed out as fast as I could. Wounded hand and side clutching each other to stay together.

I got back into the main road and tried my best to drive...anywhere. I was losing consciousness and needed to pull over. I found a parking lot next to a lake on the right, pulled in, and started to call 911. I was slurring my speech and managed to get out "one, I have a wild mother cat and her kittens that need to be taken care of and two, I was shot, please send help." But I couldn't tell them where I was before I passed out.

I woke up afterwards and could still feel a slight fuzz where I was shot.