Sip Of Alcohol ..

Dream From Jan 23 '20:
the location is a pub, club, or wherever else, that beer is sold.
i'm sitting at the bar, and i order two drinks.
one is a fruit drink, be it apple, pineapple or other.
its in a small glass cup.
and the other one is a small portion of alcohol, which is in a small plastic cup.
i have ordered it, to sip it, simply to taste it.
the colour of it, is not appealing as it looks like petrol or something.
apparently i have already had some of the fruit drink.
as for the alcohol, there is too much in the cup.
so, i sip some, to taste it.
ewww yuck.
it tastes absolutely horrendous.
its not quite the stench of sewerage, but its close enough to it, for it to be horrendous.
oh, never again!
why did i bother?
and i woke up with a taste of it.