sister's friend asking me if I spoke Portuguese

I had two related dreams they didn't happen at the same time but before/after I got up to go to the bathroom. In the first part of the dream I was in a mall that wasn't a mall. The only way to get out of the mall was through some weird theme-park rides On one side of the down escalator which I was on- was boxing rings and in the front of the escalator was someone who looked like Tom Cruise but wasn't was screwing screws into people's ankles but not for a good reason. Anyway, my sister and I were on some kind of recuse mission. My sister's friend was also there, as well as people from my program. Anyway, after we got to pass the Tom guy we were in a hotel sort of area and we started to run and at one point we passed by some ramps which looked like they're a cross between two kinds of ramps a short grey one with yellow edges and a black big one and I yelled: "look for stuff like what on the right that we just passed!" a]nd after two right turns- sis, sis friend and I ended up in what could be considered a "loading point of a theme park ride"
and right after we got in there- cars showed up which were a cross between the doom buggies from Disney Haunted Mansion's rides and Anqiute Cars ride from a Toronto, Ontario theme park My friends from the program somehow disappeared between me yelling and 3 of us ending up in the "loading room" but they showed up in a cross between vintage wheelchairs and scooters much to my sister's and my annoyance. One of us.. I think sister, started barking orders telling them to get out of the scooters and into the "cars" and only 2 per car. Somehow her friend and I were going to end up in one of the cars and as we were getting on she (the friend) turned to me and asked if I spoke
Portuguese." I then woke up to go to the bathroom

In the 2nd dream-I was in an actual hotel and in one of its rooms. First is there been some murders (of whom I have no clue) someone from the program who shared the same name as the actor above came into my room either's he was my manager or he was my PA like singers/actors have. He indicated that there were reporters outside the room who wanted to speak to me. I went out into the hotel hallway and like in pre-Covid-times, like celebs and Politicians the reporters swarm me asking me questions. One guy who looked a bit like the actor Colin Mochrie either said or indicated that I was the next target.
aussie_musician said:
Can you actually speak Portuguese ?

no I can't speak Portuguese=-I am learning Korean though! But that was the only thing that was a reference to my sister's actual boyfriend. (the friend in the dream was female-but New Year Eve's 11 years ago-this one girlfriend stayed at our house overnight because she and (sister) had to go someplace with the dogs on New Year's Day) We (mom, dad and I) were expecting the boyfriend to be here for Christmas yesterday but he couldn't get away so it was only a four-person thing instead. So I had been harping about the fact for a while that *if* we had (sis's boyfriend) here, for Christmas it would have been 11 years since we had a guest at supper time.