Sleep paralysis


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Hello there, I've been having this problem for some time. I suffered sleep paralysis events quite regulally, kinda got used to it, but something changed. I don't have sleep paralysis anymore, I DREAM about sleep paralysis.
I usually fall asleep with some background noise - podcasts etc. I woke up, everything is dark, can't move, and hear some podcast on my phone going, thinking - "ok, here we go agin" struggle trough... And in the same moment actually wake up breathless, different position, dawn outside and my phone is dead silent. Happening quite often now with minor changes, do you know what causes this or if I should see someone?
Thx for the answer
So it sounds like you're having 'false awakenings' which are a type of lucid dream where you realise you're dreaming as you're dreaming.
It's not uncommon to get these, so I don't think you need to be too concerned - and they can actually be a gateway into lucid dreaming where you can explore and learn about deeper parts of yourself.
Have you tried relaxing into the experience and focusing on your breathing (deep and long breaths)?
Also, when you 'wake up' into one of these false awakenings, you might like to ask your guides for help, i.e. "Guardian angel, please help me to relax and enjoy this experience" or something like that.
Hope that helps.