So I need help with this very bizarre dream..


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OK. I’m not usually one for dream interpretation or thinking that they mean anything but I’ve been having this utterly bizarre dream of late… and I guess curiosity has gotten the better of me so I’ve had I’ve had to ask the question, what does this mean?

So. I’m in a public place, usually a train station, lots of people around etc, and I need to go to the toilet.
Everytime I open the toilet door there’s a shower (over the toilet) and as I go in, the shower turns on and I get absolutely soaked, but for some reason, I can’t figure out how to turn it off.
I walk out after using the toilet and people are laughing at me.

It just makes no sense.
I’m having this dream on average twice a week

Any input greatly received.


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This dream suggests you're facing unexpected challenges or situations in your waking life that leave you feeling exposed or vulnerable, symbolized by the sudden shower in the toilet.

The laughter of the people around you could represent a fear of judgment or embarrassment.

However, the recurring nature of the dream indicates resilience and the ability to navigate through uncomfortable situations. The fact that you continue to face this scenario head-on, despite the awkward outcome, shows your subconscious working through these feelings of vulnerability.

It's a sign that you're learning to handle life's surprises gracefully and becoming stronger and more adaptable.

This dream foreshadows a situation in the near future where you'll face an unexpected challenge in a public or social setting. Your handling of this situation will demonstrate your growth and adaptability and earn you respect or recognition from your peers. This experience will prove to you and others that you can easily manage stress and pressure, boosting your self-confidence and possibly opening up new opportunities for personal or professional advancement.


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When did you begin having these dreams? Something must have prompted them...
I find it interesting that in the dream people are laughing at you because you got wet. Is that realy something to laugh at? You didn't come out naked! Just wet! Why wet? I would try thinking over this aspekt of your dream!
The toilet is a place where we are at our most natural. Something authentic within you is trying to be birthed, I think. Parts of you are embarrassed or dismissive of this authentic part of yourself.