Someone tried to kill me and a baby octopus is pregnant. Also Keshi was there???


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On some island and going through trials or something.

In some sort of formation. Some kid


STARTS AT A DEBUT OF SOME SORT. We’re getting ready for it, people coming through the door. I say something about Jake and the Neverland Pirates, some guy at the party is apparently the dude from Jake and the Neverland pirates and HES in this dance in the back with red hair and suddenly I’m dancing in that big formation. I’m in the front center facing the rest of the dancers

Some white boy is walking up towards me also center and I take his head and turn it away to face the back. Bascially I grab the back of his head and flip it around so his body turns away from me while his chin is down.

Can’t remember next but suddenly some other guy was there (I remember like some big change in like color or something)

He had a mask on that looked like a hockey mask except it didn't have all the holes in it,

I think it somehow was only one hole for the eyes but he’s coming towards me with some sort of long sword and then on his mask, there’s like 2 small bullet holes on the side by his left eye, so like on my right. the masks flips around really fast, it's spinning in a circle and I think the hole for the eyes becomes bigger and I see something colorful on his face (maybe a star or something) but it’s painted like something KISS would wear but it’s like blue, purple and/or pink. With his sword he stabs me and it’s like we’re falling for a second but I think I fall to the ground and run away. When he stabbed me, there was like a long flash of light.

I think we fight for a minute exchanging witty banter as we go and then I can’t remember where he goes but suddenly there’s some chick there. And she’s trying to kill me, she’s wearing like the same color scheme as the star on his face. She can like manipulate objects but needs to know what they’re made of for some reason. she was trying to manipulate some huge ass building but it wasn’t working for some reason. we’re also standing on like rooftops right now cause somehow the island has a city space. I can’t remember how it happens but suddenly I’m seeing messages from all these important people. Maybe like a hologram on the wall to the left (I'm currently on the ground like in that moment where the villain would deliver the fatal blow to the hero but something interrupts? yeah like that). Anyways, I feel like one of the names was Beño. I stand up and idk if it was a phone or radio or some type of electronic device but I hear their voices.

The dream suddenly shifts so I think I either defeated her or I was dead because I ended up lying down in the grass next to a huge body of water. Kind of similar to when Thor and Loki meet Odin in the Ragnarok movie but maybe lower to the water and the water might've been bluer. I also think the sky was close to when there's a sunset. I walk over to some guy who is somehow like walking an octopus on a leash. It’s red and really tiny (I think I’ve seen it before), and somehow I know or am familiar with this man and the octopus (I think the guy looks like keshi???? and he's wearing some like brown jean jacket and jeans and some hoodie underneath)

anyways he's WALKING the octopus and we have some conversation, I wish I remembered what it was about but I feel like it's implied that helped get me out of whatever situation I was in before. And then the dream shifts again and now I'M walking the octopus but this time with my grandfather on my mother's side (who has kind of cut us out of his life but recently I did feel guilty about not calling him on his birthday.)

The octopus is pregnant and we’re bringing her to the water to give birth. I was saying something about where we are (i was thinking I was in another country for some reason but I don't think I know where I am) and my granddad like laughs and says something like the water would be much clearer if we were anywhere else (blahblah basically we still in the US lol). The octopus is still on the leash and i'm laughing about how dirty the water is, it looks brown like it’s just on a muddy bank and there’s tiny red fish swimming. I have to get pretty close and in the water (which is like rushing up and back, like the ocean. I get in at some point with like one leg but there’s a mini jump and the octopus is just swimming around and me and granddad are standing back watching.

Can’t remember how but some like cop dude comes or maybe a ranger and we get the octopus who was trying to give birth. The cop dude got her i think and he was holding her and gave her to my granddad. I asked is she dead but my granddad reassured she wasn’t, just tired and she couldn’t push or something. The ranger dude was saying she wasn’t pregnant and my granddad was like we can’t prove if she’s pregnant or it that like sac is her chest, but like I knew she was pregnant,. I was holding her and she was tired but I could see the sac(idk why it was out, I think she was inside out) but I could see bumps (they looked like acne bumps) but then I squeezed like outside the bumps like you would on your face. Tiny white (like the pus or whitehead coming out) starts to come out but the weird part is is that when I did that. I could hear the ocean rush and like, it just sounded like life, maybe there were voices, like tiny voices. And I said that, I was like CANT you hear it, she is pregnant , there’s life here. I looked a r my grandad and he held her and tried to squeeze to cause he couldn’t hear it and

I woke up

I don't know what this could possibly mean, I don't think I dream often and when I do, I don't remember what it's about so I 'd really to get some opinions on what this could be about. Feel free to ask any questions if you want to get a better understanding. Thanks!