Stella Has A Boyfriend ..

Dream From Aug 5 '19:
it is daytime; a bright sunny day, pre-spring.
the location is out the front of my nelson street address.
i'm standing on the grass, between the footpath and the kerb.
i'm looking south, so the kerb is to my left.
there is a car parked in the kerb.
it could be a black 4wd; i can see the left front and left back passnger doors, from the corner of my left eye.
standing in front of me, a couple of steps from me, is the daughter of Stella P.
the daughter's name is Kayla - Rose.
Stella is to my right.
both are facing me.
the car could belong to Stella, or its mine, or it belongs to someone else.
the two of them are already standing there in front of me, so i don't see them arrive.
nor do i prior to this, that they are coming.
the daughter says something me to, and then says that her mum stella, will be hanging out with her boyfriend, after they have visited me.
i can see the daughter standing in front of me, but she is very much a blur.
i begin to laugh, and then continue laughing, so much so that i bend over forward.
and laugh for a few minutes.
not sure i say it, but i do wonder, what happened to Cameron, for Stella to have a boyfriend?
then after i stop laughing i look at stella.
she isn't toe to toe close to me, but i do see her face really clearly; her head looks big, even though she is about one step from me.
wow her face is so clear to me.
and her eyes are green (does she actually have green eyes).
she does look younger than her actual age.
stella doesn't say anything.
or she does and i don't hear it, or even recall it.
then the dream ends.

any questions or comments ?