Story Within a Story


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Last night I had a new dream experience. NOT really a lucid dream--I was never thinking in the dream that I was dreaming. But at the end of a very long, complex, and vivid dream, I was accidentally killed. [It was more weird than distressing.] Then, in the dream, I was telling my real-life spouse about this event, saying "I was killed... no, I should say that my character was killed." When I woke, I thought about how I had never had this kind of of story-within-a-story dream experience before. [I can't recall ever dreaming that I died, or even that "my character" died. And in real life, I don't believe in any kind of existence after death.]

Years ago, I wrote down all my dreams for 6 months. I often had lucid dreams then. I remember sometimes not liking how the dream story was going, and lucidly changing it. Last night's experience was similar in that I revising a dream experience, but without the awareness that I was dreaming. I'm wondering if others have experienced
this kind of non-lucid dream revision.