Strange industrial park

This starts in some sort of industrial zone. It was me and someone familiar but not family, he was like my brother it seems and he knew this place well. We were on some sort of mission and I was being extra cautious. This place was confusing and illogical how we went from one area to the other as the entrances were a few feet up on the wall without stairs to them and they were wide and short doorways when the hatches open so we basically had to crawl into them. The hatches open from the center vertically, like a mouth, with the opening horizontal.

We were searching for something on the modules inside one of the buildings. The inside of this building was bare and empty and about 30 feet wall to wall with high ceilings and the doors were those wide crawl hatches on two opposing walls. We each crouched on a module and he was trying to open it. But soon we were found and he took care of the enemy somehow out my sight and told me dont move. He returned and had to back off of his module because a small hole appears and a flying robot forms, about the size of a small bird. The robot is pointy at the bottom and rounded on top, smooth and black and white colored. It flies without wings and when its done forming it synchs with my companion mentally and has an order to find a specific individual, he must synch with it and exchange information or he would be in danger just like me, so he goes through the protocol, lying to the machine about so and so and it flies off to find him. So now hes in a hurry to escape and we have to abandon our mission before more of these flying robots are formed.

Before we can get out the hatch another one forms over the module I was on and he must once again synch with it when its done or it will automatically pursue him and when its done it says my name that it needs to find me so my companion once again lies to the robot about my location and it flies off without even recognizing me. He says we must hurry and soon we leave through the hatch we came through but I lose him and am on my own, wandering around this checkerboard industrial park, where the buildings are square and alternate with open spaces like a checkerboard.

The hatch I need to go through has something large and blue smooth up against it so I must wait for it to move. When it backs off I see its a giant garbage truck lifting a huge trash dumpster with a crane arm. I jump out if the hatch and run underneath the dumpster which is really the size of a house and across the area. To my left I see another huge truck but its on its side and I see the bottom of it. The crane arm is reaching onto the platform and chomping through this web like structure that looks like the shape of fat webbing through beef flesh but its shiney and reflective and made of hard material. And this crane is on its side and pulling on this webbing, yanking its bottom half towards the platform repeatedly. The garbage truck spills something as I run under it and I am splashed with this thick clear goo head to toe. I keep running across the lot towards the street.

Across the street is another huge truck in the background, godzilla movie style, made of ginormous wrenches fitted together and it looks like an old fashioned movie projector screen. This construction truck thing is tall as a ten story building and its crane is pointed left, grabbing at something, but its at a safe distance with a long gap. Across the street is a grassy area with a safe slope on the right and a dangerous slope on the left where the ocean is at the bottom but its a long fall with rocks at the bottom. Theres a step of about five feet tall on the left of this grassy dirt area thats barely wide enough for two people before finally dropping off. On the right theres a trailer house and the bottom of the slope and although its not as dangerous its a steep hill and it would be difficult getting back up. So I run to this area across the street (the sticky goo is gone and my clothes are dry once more) finding safety from the robots at the industrial park and Im watching this huge crane truck made of wrenches like its a movie screen and then this tall Japanese man shows up with a 1980s style personal camera and starts taking pictures of this truck thing. I am relieved that I am not alone and then two more people show up, an older man and older woman, maybe late 50s age. The woman goes to the left of me and the man of the right and the Japanese guy has gone. The woman slips and falls down to the dangerous area and grabs my leg. I am now on my belly feeling her slip and drag me with her. I say to the man arent you going to help her and he says he doesnt know who she is he isnt with her but he doesnt help me he walks down the hill to the right. The woman is pulling me towards the ledge and I cant get a grip on the grasses and rocks and tell her ma'am let go of my leg but she keeps pulling so I kick her off my legs and get up and shes gone. I look down the hill and up at the wrench crane truck thing one more time before I wake up.
Once I was awake and took notes down to quickly remember my dream I started to remember another dream from about a year ago.