Strange phenomenon?


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Hello! I didn't really know which category to put it in,
but I basically want to discuss a thing that's been happening to me over the years.
I'm not even sure how to describe it, but I'm really curious about it. I'm wondering if it has been happening to others, if it has a name, if it's common, natural etc. I didn't find any information by myself but maybe someone here can tell me what it is.
Here we go. I have this thing happening to me sometimes that I wake up but if feels like my brain is still stuck in a dream. And it's not a sequence of events happening but one event that my mind is focusing on (probably the last moment before waking up). Like for example I dream I am in a store to buy a certain thing. My mind keeps being in that store looking for that thing but I am also aware that I am no longer dreaming. Everytime I try to think about something else or exit the store, my brain eventually comes back to the same place and task. New characters come in and new stuff keeps happening but they always tell me "you have to get that thing from that store" but also for some reason I am unable to actually finish the task. In this state I usually try to fall back asleep (I can move because I remember turning my body and I remember that I can open my eyes and look around my room) and focus my thoughts on something else but I'm "stuck". I don't know if it's because I simply can't fully wake up (get out of the bed etc.) or if simply that thought does not occur to me when it happens. I have no idea how long it's going for in real time but it does feel like hours when it's happening and feels like it's really difficult to shake off and I usually feel really tired and miserable after it happens.
I tried my best at explaining it but I honestly have no idea if I described it right. I don't know if it's a thing that just sometimes happens but I also wonder if it is then why aren't people talking about it? Because this state whatever it is, sometimes feels like a real struggle, I mean it's annoying, weird and drains a lot of energy. It happens like a few times a year I would guess so. I feel like it should be a thing that was described somewhere by someone but I don't even know how to start looking.
Maybe someone here can shed some light on this.
Hello Sailormoon , What kind of thing or things do you have to aquire in the dream, dreams ?
I would suggest that the dream is not over it is just a change in the level of conscious presence.
That you must integrate some more of your true nature in your understanding of yourself and life, that this stuck situation is there to help you in this task, at once it's done change is flowing again.