subway killing theatre of the 2nd me

I had two dreams last night.

In the first dream I was running away from someone. I'm not entire sure whom I was running away from- but I think Gilderoy Lockhart from the Harry Potter series (which probably meant I was magically talented in some way and he wanted to quiz me and then modify my memory-which means that the dream took place during a time I wasn't born in the mid-late 80s and I was born in the first of the next decadae-90s, and in the HP unvierise he looses his memory in June of 1993 due to Harry's friend Ron's broken wand). I was been chased near what is the local grocery store plaza, I only regoncized it because in current times, the first shop is a Mr.Sub's and I'm sort of running around in front of it towards the drugstore which is infront of me- and i'm right outside a glasswear store and another version of me comes out of nowhere. With this 2nd version was someone else but like the first me the 2nd "me" was being threatened somewhere but it wasn't by Lockhart this guy threatening the 2nd me but someone else- he had black hair but he was wearing all black (sort of the "touch guy" look but with the jacket had a high collar like the EQ's from Disney Snow White). I would have tried to help the 2nd me but I had a hunch there was a Time turner involved (the original ones which get destroy in June of '96) but the next think I know that a subway train comes out of nowhere and kind of hits the threatener. Then the dream ends

The 2nd dream
Someone who wasn't really my aunt but let's call her an aunt (I never saw her in real life). This "aunt" shows up at my house and while overs some kind of deal with me (I can't remember what it was, but I don't think it was a either an escort, or a sugary daddy-but now I'm now not so sure if it wasn't the first one). I was thrilled with the idea whatever it was Mom wasn't thrilled and I tried to hide out (badly) in the backyard. The next thing I know is I'm like only wearing underclothes on and the "aunt" gives me a necklace of some sort and pushes me into the next room and there's a man there and it's like I was being sold or something? For some reason I viewed the man as that creature from Seamese Street who is Big Bird's friend. Then the next thing I know I'm back in my parents' house but I'm in a wedding dress and my family including me, is running late to er My wedding. I hear from a comment of I think my Dad's that something about "if everyone had their dancing partners for receiption at Jack Astor's" and then the dream ended after yet another of the Big Muppet creature glimpse