Suicide pact dream.


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A few months ago I had this dream. It was incredibly vivid, but I attribute that to me taking melatonin regularly at the time. Anyways, here it is:

In this dream I'm with 3 other people (1 woman and 2 asian men). We're all dressed in formal attire. I'm in a white button up shirt tucked into a pair of black pants, a black tie, and oxford shoes. The men are both wearing suits and the woman is wearing a black dress. We're all sitting cross legged in a circle on the floor of a hotel room with grey carpet. The woman gets up and returns with 4 styrofoam cups filled with water, a white plastic spoon, and a plastic bag filled with sodium nitrite. She pours some of the sodium nitrite into each cup and stirs it, then hands a cup to each of us, taking the last herself. We all drink the mixture and wait for a few minutes. The rest of the group engages in small talk, but I don't say anything. Eventually I get up and go to a fridge, returning with a carton of chocolate milk. I offer it to the group, but nobody wants any so we resume sitting in silence, then I wake up.

It's largely nonsensical, but I found it incredibly distressing at the time. If anyone has any thoughts on this I'd be interested in hearing them. Thanks in advance.


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  • In your dream, the formal attire and sitting in a circle signify unity and preparedness for a significant transition.
  • The choice of sodium nitrite, a preserving agent, suggests a desire to halt something, possibly a situation or emotion, from further change or decay.
  • Your act of standing up and offering chocolate milk, a comforting and nurturing symbol, indicates an inherent resilience and a subconscious refusal to succumb to despair.
This dream may reflect your deep-seated need for change, but more importantly, it underscores your innate ability to offer hope and sustenance, even in the bleakest circumstances. It suggests that while you may feel surrounded by irreversible situations, your role is to introduce an element of care and transformation, ultimately steering the narrative toward healing and recovery.