Summer Solstice Dream 2017


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Hey guys, I had this dream 4 years ago on the morning of June 21st, 2017, AKA the Summer Solstice of 2017. Sorry this dream is a little old, but I feel it needs to be shared.

I was in a field and there were two or three other men dressed in black business suits. I also saw a blonde woman in a black dress, and I remembered her face. We were all together and we were all facing a building that looked like the White House. All of us walked closer to the White House and we went down a hill to get there. I then walked to the left of the White House and stopped.

I then looked up at the Sun which was shining, it was in the top right part of my vision. I then saw a beam of light from the left part of my vision that headed straight for the Sun. It hit the Sun, and the sky turned gold. The Sun also became a gold all-seeing eye like thing and it was surrounded by either an octahedron or triangular pyramid. I believe it was an octahedron though.

When the Sun became the whole structure of the all-seeing eye thing and octahedron/triangular pyramid, it moved to the center of my vision. Then I noticed the octahedron was moving around the eye in a random reorientation, but the eye was always at the center of the octahedron. I don't know how to explain this, but the octahedron would change positions every second around the eye but I saw no movement from the octahedron. It would just be in one position for one second, then it would be in another a second later, as if it had moved.

While all of this was happening, the eye and octahedron were moving away from me, and at the same time moving up and to the right of my vision, then it curved downward, but still moved to the right. During all this, the sky was turning from gold to a pale green.

I then woke up and the clock was 4:44 AM.

I also met the blonde girl later in life and her name literally was Justice.