Tarred Vulture


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I don't remember much of the dream. I remember this vividly though.

I was in a witchs' house/hut. There were cauldrons with steam rolling and others bubbling. Herbs hung drying from the rafters. The air was smoky. The light was dim. This isn't surprising considering that I make herbal medicines and am often referenced to as a "Witch Doctor."

I saw a bird on a perch. One of the thick wood "T" perches. I was talking with someone and pointed at the bird and said it was a Bald Eagle. When I looked back at it... It spread its wings slightly and then settled. I looked closer and saw that it was black with tar and barely had any feathers. I kept repeating it was a bald eagle, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I focused in on its "bald" head and realized it was a vulture.

I looked over his body at all the tar and how it pulled his feathers out as it dripped over his body. I was looking at him from the side and he never took his eyes off me. In my dream it was as if my eyes zoomed in on only its head and his eye looking at me. Forcing me to recognize he was a vulture. Forcing me to accept he was a vulture and not a bald eagle.

I felt sorry for him. I remember feeling my face show a look of sadness and disbelief.

That's all I remember. It's been haunting me in my waking hours for days.

What does this mean? I can't stand the haunting vision of his eyes and black tarred body.
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