Terrifying visitation dream or warning?


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Okay, I've never posted in here before but couldn't find what I was looking for while researching.
So a few nights ago I had my first lucid dream that I can remember ever having. I knew I was dreaming but it took a few mins for me to realize it. Here's the dream:
I was sitting talking to my granny (has been deceased for 10 years now) but it was not her voice, this is when even in the dream I was aware that something was off. Then focus switches to my aunt (Also deceased, since 2016) who would not look at me. This is the point where I actively realized this was a dream. I knew in my mind that I should not ask this question, but I blurted it out before I thought about it enough. I was crying, and I begged my aunt "will you please just look at me?"
And she did and immediately, the eyes went completely dead, they looked over my head, unfocused. The face began to elongate and morph and then I immediately woke up.
The most disturbing dream I have ever had. I just want to know what the hell those people in my dream really were and how to stop this happening again?