The bear speaks

In a dream from this morning, I see a bear on the other side of a country road. I seek safety by going to a house. The door is unlocked. I enter and ask if anyone is home. A woman appears. I tell her about the bear. She is civil but I sense she wants me to leave.

I go out. I don’t see the bear. She then yells the bear is here. I tell her to run for the car, which is parked between her house and the road. I enter the driver’s side and start to roll up the driver’s side window. But the bear sticks his snout in and stops the glass. He then puts his paws in and forces the window down, enough to stick his head in. He flashes his teeth and says, “I’m here to stay.”

The woman is now standing next to him. Is she an ally of the bear? I yell “Call the police” and discover I have said the words out loud, which wakes me up. The dream may mean I feel trapped or threatened and is likely related to anxiety I have been feeling about elective surgery I am planning to have.