The button man (reoccurring dream)


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One of my earliest memory's is this dream.

Im standing outside, in the lane that is at the back of my house, stood only a few feet away from my garden gate (closed). My head turns right, I'm faced towards the top of the lane, which is only 2 houses away. And there he is. The button man. I always walk towards him, I always trust him, he always feels familiar and safe.

He asks me if I'm ready to leave, he's going to take me away, to a place that is perfect.
In my mind I'd describe it as what I seen as a personalised hevan type of please.
By the side of him, at the top of the lane, he has some sort of vehicle. I get in as this is how we'll travel there. There are others on the vehicle.

And that's when I start to feel something is wrong.I get put in a chair right at the middle of the vehicle, I am strapped in with restraints, the button man by my side. (I feel intimated and start to panic).

High in the sky, through the clouds, above in another world.

Everything up to this point was always the same everynight without fail. But sometimes, I would get here and remember my previous dreams, what I'd previously experienced.

But most times (and I believe the first time).

Hight in the clouds, at a Cross road, the button man would ask " Do you want to go to the good world", which was towards the left of my view, " Or shall we go to button world", which was towards the right of my view.
I Obviously said the good world.
From the beginning I knew buttons were bad and something that could be used to torture me.

After I'd make my choice the button man would start laughing at me. I had answered the question wrong, I was being taken towards button world, there was nothing I could do.

On the times I would remember being here mid dream, the only difference was, I would try and out smart time by making the opposite choice. But the button never changed his response to my answer.

Sometimes I would also go to sleep and pick up where I left off in the dream, but don't want to go to far into that.

I suffered from this dream for around 13 years. I have had an intense phobia of buttons and even through now I'm able to sit next to someone wearing a button now, I will never have anything that has buttons on, ever.

This dream still strongly effects me and my life, I oftenly think about it and feel a supernatural energy about it, just because of how real it felt and how vivid it was.

My mother recently told be that my phobia of buttons came along when I was a baby before I could even talk, she said it tock her a while to figure it out, but everytime I was near a button I began to cry.

Any else seen the button man or know what this could be or have any thoughts about this?