The Fates / Moirai


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Hi, I have been having a weird dream. In my opinion its very mystic, I need help analyzing it. :?:

This is how it started my good people..
I heard couple of loud sounds, like a train was passing by me or something.
I was so tired I didnt really care much about it, right when I was about to sleep i felt like I was floating above my bed (astral projection).
When this happened I didnt feel scared, just accepted the fact that this was happening.

Then I saw three woman sitting and nitting a carpet or a blanket. The room was very luxurious, and I still rememeber the color on their dresses. Orange/Brown, Red and White. They said "We are the fates". Didnt really see or hear much more than that. This was very brief.

The next day I immediately started google search about The fates. Please remember that this is something that I have never even heard about. I found some facts about them in ancient greek mythology information websites. They are apparently also in the norse mythology.

One thing thats very eerie about this, is that it felt like I was being summoned to see them. Or more so, dragged in. For whatever purpose or reason thats beyond me..
Is this a sign or omen of something heading my way? What do you think it might've been?
that is very difficult to say. in norse mythology the fates were called the norns and they had the power to decide as well as to forecast. in greek mythology their names were clotho,lachesis and atropos. the one in white was almost certainly lachesis who was always dressed in white. clotho who was known as the spinner because she was supposed to spin the threads of a person's life and decided how long the thread of life would last and lachesis who drew out and atropos who had the power to cut the thread.. while this may or may not portend anything chances areit does hold a very important message for you. not necessarily something foreboding. i would definitely pay attention