The Gravestone in Vatican


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if I may

At 4 am I had this dream then it became a vision I was led by a spirit by two different courtyards (2 Corinthians 12: 3; 12: 21), I saw in this vision the center of a huge court Vatican City on seven hills, with a alters 360 degree above me, and around me, it was made of stone on it, made out of hands, on it was eight figures, they were also huge in sides, end to end 360 degree around it.

Seven of them had on robes, colored from valet to red to purple and gold, on their head were three crowns on top of each other, three horns on each side of the crowns, gold to silver, on their heads, they held staff or a scepter in their right hands, on top of this scepter a cross was an angel crucified to the cross, his wings were spread out on the cross.

All of their eyes were black

But the eight figures were much different than the seven figures, this was much bigger than all seven figures.

The Head was made of a crown made of Gold, with six horns, three on one side and three on the other side his chest had a breastplate the word blasphemy breastplate, made of silver, and his arms an alchemist bracer of silver around his arms with an iron robe - like bronze wrapped around his waist, covering both waist and his thigh.

His feet were bare it looked like the color copper, but his alter was made of Clay; steam was coming out of the clay.

Then a very loud noise came from above me, I looked up a huge stone came flaming down, and something moved me quickly from the center of a huge place, the flaming stone slammed the center of the court, and as the smoke dissipated a gravestone appears in center of this court WOW!

It was a gravestone was a huge tall masculine man sitting on a Throne and I shall man in front of him, and the man was asking or informing about something, and the huge tall masculine man sitting on a Throne, like Tell me your problem. No words but the appearance of impression or despair.

Now On the bottom of this Throne, a Mythical beast called Centaur, half man, half beast!

The Centaur beast had a cross crushing, on the Centaurs back, and in front Centaur were four black wolves with no eyes, on the bottom of the gravestone were two skulls was four eyes, and beside the skull eight figures with a year, then a bright flash of silver light came upon me, I just woke up trembling.

This vision was very detailed for me to see, it is not demonic influence, for I can discern both good and evil (Heb 5: 14) but it was angelic or divine influence, what is the message to the Churches? I saw Two different Churches divided against itself but one overcame the one

what do you see?