The Hallway, Door and Ghost


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hi everyone I'm new to the forum nice to meet you and before I start describing my dream can i say I haven't watched any horrors in month's im 36 and male I don't know if that last bit matters

so it started off I was in this hallway and and behind me there was a door and the hallway was shaped in like an L on it's side so the top of L was too the right.

so this small black smoke like objects are coming round the corner and they was several of them gathering in front of me, as this was happening voices from behind me was shouting for me to come behind the door 🚪 and shut it and to lock it, so I stepped through the door turned around and it looks like the smoke finish forming.

this being or entity what was stood in front of me felt like it had physical mass now where it didn't before, it was standing there with black hair covering it's face like something out of the Ring and what I could see of its face I was drawn to this massive open bloodshot angry eye staring at me 😡👁 any other facial features I couldn't see them I know they were there but I couldn't see them because it was the eye 👁 but was drawn my attention. I can't remember the clothes she was wearing but I can remember black and white smoke around her.

I was dazed to a second staring into the eye and the next minute she started screaming and went to run so I slammed the door shut and locked 🔒 it, I fell to the floor she banged against the door started screaming and other people tell me not to look at her but again I was drawn to the eye as I was standing up I was scared I didn't want to look at her but I force myself as I was staring at that eye and she was raging and screaming, as I was standing up I was shouting I'm not scared of you not real over and over again staring deep into the eye once I was stood up fully accept and saying it for now woke up.

the reason I could see her through the door is because it was one of them doors with a glass panel with mesh in it and the building and the clothes I had on it felt like it was a hospital I don't know if this is important