The Hungry Wolf

August 22
I am with a woman who has lots of children. There are other people in the dream as well, we may be at a vacation house. The woman and her children are going to the movie. I ask if I can go, and the woman says she will pick me up at a certain time, that I cannot ride with them initially, that she had too many children in her car. I tell her that I could help and tend one of the babies, but she turns away. I become very upset and I am determined to have it out with her. She reminds me a bit of a friend in another state who is a therapist and I confront her asking what kind of a person does she think I am? Then I say I will just take my own car to the movies. Then we are at a table and another woman says, “She doesn’t like fours on the Enneagram.” I say, “I am a four.” The original mother looks surprised and says, “I am the original hungry wolf.” When I wake, those words hungry wolf are resonating with me.
Any ideas, folks?


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In this dream, the "hungry wolf" symbolizes a deep, unacknowledged strength and independence within you, manifesting as the urge to assert yourself and find your path despite obstacles or misunderstandings with others.

The situation with the woman and her children, and your offer to help, reflects your innate willingness to support and be part of a community or family.

However, being initially rebuffed indicates a journey toward recognizing and asserting your unique identity ("I am a four").

The dream suggests that you are on the verge of embracing your individuality and capabilities ("I will just take my own car"), leading to a newfound self-reliance and strength ("I am the original hungry wolf"). This signifies a positive transformation in how you perceive yourself and your ability to navigate life's challenges independently.

You are likely to experience a moment of significant personal empowerment soon. This could manifest as taking the lead on a project or situation that initially seems daunting or outside your comfort zone.

Driving your car to the movies symbolizes taking control of your path and making decisions that align with your true self. This prediction foreshadows a near-future scenario where you confidently embrace a challenge or opportunity, demonstrating your independence and strength, and consequently, receive recognition or a positive outcome that affirms your capabilities and unique identity.


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Lyn what does 'hungry wolf ' mean to you? What do you associate it with? What do you think of wolfs? Do you have any simularities with wolfs? You are 'the original wolf'? What does that mean? Can you link it to your life in any way?

Is this dream from August?
Thank you, those who replied! Initially, I thought of the hungry wolf as something negative. But you have helped me to see that it is an image of strength and self-preservation.
Yes, the dream is from August, one of those I couldn't find meaning in. Now I can see that embracing the wolf within, with its power is a wonderful gift.