The Mad Men dreams

I have been watching the TV show Mad Men on DVDs from the library so It should not be surprising if characters and situations from the series might be reflected in my dreams.

In a dream on November 15, I come into a room where a woman is sitting across from my boss. He commends me for my work. I leave and bask in this glow in my office. But then the boss comes in and asks me for my project report, the work I was supposed to do for the client in his office. I haven’t done it. The boss is angry and hands me a metal disk and says it is my last chance coin. The coin is not solid; it seems to be a ring with a sculpted piece in the center.

I then meet the woman client, but she is not upset. I feel I wasn’t fully informed. This dream mirrored an episode of Mad Men I had just watched in which Don Draper is called on the carpet when two different clients storm out of the office.

In the second dream, from this morning, I am in a café preparing for a trip in a rugged SUV with Draper. The vehicle is parked inside the café. In the back seat of the vehicle are torn pieces of newspaper and three or four large bags nearly full of popcorn and trail mix. Draper says we should keep the snacks.

I will be driving. Draper says the vehicle has 15-inch wheels, but I say they must be at least 18 inches and I spot a nearly identical SUV on the road, noting the large tires.

The dream may suggest that I will take the lead over Alpha males like Don Draper and have more knowledge than them, though I may take some guidance from them in indulging myself (the snacks). The torn newspaper may mean an old narrative has been destroyed.